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Missisquoi Valley Farm


Jacques and Pauline Couture purchased their farm in Westfield, Vermont in 1970 when they were just youngsters, and they have been working it ever since. Along the way they have raised six children, bred thousands of cattle, and built an impeccable reputation in the community. In fact, the Coutures’ farm won honors as Vermont’s Outstanding Farm of the Year in 2004, an award given to only one farm in the state each year. And so far, the Coutures show no signs of slowing down.

Jacques runs the dairy farm, and along the way he and Pauline have worked to meet the many requirements to have it designated as “organic.” This was a major undertaking on top of all their other responsibilities, and it was years in the making. And while Jacques runs the dairy farm, Pauline is busy running their maple syrup business and operating a Bed & Breakfast on the side. And, of course, they have lots of spare time. What to do? Well, when not operating a farm, a maple syrup business, or a Bed & Breakfast, Jacques serves as a selectman for the town of Westfield where he has been on the board for three decades. He is also on the board of the Vermont Maple Foundation.

Like so many farm families in Vermont, the Coutures love their land and love dairy farming. They speak with joy and fervor about their herd, their community, and their state. They are New Englanders through and through, and like so many other farm families, they do whatever else it takes for their farm, their town, and their state to thrive. They work the land, they tend their cattle, they support their community, and they stand tall year in and year out helping Cabot make the “World’s Best Cheddar.”

Try the Couture’s delicious Maple Cheesecake, one of many delightful treats prepared for her overnight guests.


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