In the Northeast nearly everyone knows Cabot Creamery, but not everyone realizes that the brand is farmer-owned and has member farms located in each of the New England states plus Upstate New York. Open Farm Sunday serves as a great way to introduce our farm families to the public that they work so hard for in producing the World’s Best Cheddar.

The first ever Open Farm Sunday took place on November 1st, 2009 when 29 farms opened their gates to the public. The event was designed to be very modest; just an opportunity to visit a farm and meet the families while sampling some cheese. Some guests were even asked to help out with chores! But the response was anything but modest – there were neighbors coming together after years of curiosity, friends re-connecting, calves being named by neighborhood children and the excitement of connecting food with farmers.

Open Farm Sunday has maintained its place on the calendar as an every-other-year event, with 53 farms participating in 2011 and 49 in 2013. The spirit of the event remains the same, but has evolved to include activities, contests and community groups cooking for visitors. Attendance continues to grow – from an average of 80 guests per farm in 2009 to over 240 in 2013. We always look forward to the next opportunity to showcase our farm families and the life they love.

See you in 2015!